Film Team

A Deeper Side is an extraordinary film that has been over five years in the making. It has been a labor of love for those involved.

Ed Scholwinski: Producer/Director/Writer/Camera

Ed Scholwinski is a university professor who, for over 20 years, has been training students to work with people who have special needs. Ed is also a licensed psychologist and founder of School & Family Institute in San Marcos, Texas. There, he provides mental health counseling, consultation, and advocacy services. He expanded the Institute’s mission by establishing Atypical World Productions, a division that merges his long time interests in art, film, and music with the purpose of producing films that celebrate diversity. Ed has assembled a passionate production team that has created a unique insider view of mental illness.


David Francis Drymala: Advocate/Artist/Rapper/Musician/ Soundtrack/Story Consultant

David Francis Drymala

David was born in Aurora, Colorado and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Always a natural artist, his exceptional talents began to emerge during his high school years. It was at that time he was identified as having learning disabilities, attention problems, and he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He is now diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder; however these difficulties do not define him. He has used his art, poetry, and music to depict his psychological and social struggles. David is committed to advocating for those who have similar problems. This project would not be possible without his willingness to share his talents and to reveal his demons.


Alan Drymala: Executive Producer/Story Consultant

Alan Drymala, father of David Francis Drymala, is a Jungian therapist in San Antonio, Texas. With graduate degrees in both religion and counseling, Alan has a special interest in how the religious instinct is expressed through the psyche. Alan continues to receive Jungian training and is exploring how David’s art depicts the inner landscape of David’s feelings and experiences. Alan has been an intimate passenger in David’s journey and his chief advocate along the way. During David’s incarceration, Alan began to conduct workshops and seminars on mental illness and the criminal justice system, using David’s artwork as vehicle for advocacy. A Deeper Side would not be possible without his unwavering support and dedication.


Mike Shellman: Executive Producer

Mike Shellman is President and Chief Operating Officer of MCA Petroleum Corporation. A patron of the arts and an artist, Mike has curated exhibits for prestigious museums across Texas, and has helped produce documentaries for Discovery and History Channels on oil well firefighting. He is a lifetime member of the Costal Conservation and Surfriders Foundation, advocating for costal conservation and the preservation of clean water. In addition, he is involved in many other humanitarian efforts.


Mark S. Friend: Executive Producer


Shane Scholwinski: Editor/Camera/Music & Script Consultant

Shane Scholwinski has a long time interest in cinema, having attended his first film camp at age eleven. He has followed his passion by obtaining editing and directing skills through Austin School of Film and Texas State University. As a student he has written and directed short films. He is currently an intern at Robot Fondue, a production studio creating innovative content for television, film, and the web in Austin, Texas.  In A Deeper Side, Shane brings unique technical and artistic talents with his keen editorial eye and ability to select and pair music with film.


Patrick Thomas McCurry: Audio Mastering/Music Consultant

Patrick Thomas McCurry is the owner and operator of McCurry Audio Productions (M.A.P. Recording Studio) based in San Marcos, Texas. He discovered his passion for music at a very young age, always enjoying surrounding himself around creative people and places. Patrick earned his certification in Audio Engineering and Music Production at the Recording Conservatory of Austin. He interned at Same Sky Productions learning from pro audio engineers David Messier and Andre Cantave. Patrick’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism has made him an important member of the A Deeper Side team.


Sarah McGrath: Script & Music Consultant

Sarah McGrath has been a licensed mental health professional for the past 19 years. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Texas. Over the course of her career, she has worked with clients from over 40 different countries. From this work, Ms. McGrath began to see and appreciate the uniquities and similarities that unify all of us into a global community. In 2008, Ms. McGrath was awarded Humanitarian of the Year by Center for Survivors of Torture. Ms. McGrath’s musical training began at age four. She is a song crafter with an extensive catalogue of original music. She is also a prolific writer for projects including films scripts, theater pieces, novellas, and poetry.


Marivel Mendez: Communications/Marketing Coordinator

Marivel Mendez is a student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas majoring in Food & Nutrition. Having an interest in film and music she has enthusiastically joined this project, by taking on the duties of website and graphic design, creating marketing and advertising strategies, coordinating crowd-funding prizes and merchandise, and establishing project accounts. She has taken lead in managing A Deeper Side’s social network campaign.


Doodle Design & Media: Web & Graphic Design



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