While David’s story addresses a number of social issues, such as the lack of resources for individuals with drug addiction and mental illness, this film is not a mere recitation of issues and social advocacy. It is a journey inside the mind of a very gifted man who has bipolar disorder and schizophrenia (schizoaffective disorder).

1209286_703834829633763_777456803_nDavid’s story is also about a father’s unwavering advocacy for his afflicted son, and his struggle with what he believes is a malfunctioning mental health system. It is a journey that has taken David and his father down a dark path into drug infested neighborhoods, halfway houses, mental hospitals, and life on the edge of hope.

While on the streets David was introduced to crack cocaine which, according to David, eradicated the “voices in his head.” Unfortunately the crack cocaine led to addiction.

Addiction complicated his already difficult life. After an incident where David naively served as a “lookout” on an attempted car theft, he was convicted and served 3 years in county jails and in a psychiatric unit of the state prison. It was in prison where David experienced his true descent into hell.

286_jester_four_3_030During a psychotic break, David began hearing “biblical voices” that led to a horrific attempt to gouge out his left eye. This injury has required on-going surgeries.

David’s father lobbied state legislators and testified at state hearings. Due to his persistence, he was able to get David on effective medications. During this time, David continued to work on his art, music, and poetry while in prison. David’s productivity has only increased since his release.

A Deeper Side documents David’s continuing struggles with his illnesses and addictions. There have been triumphs including major art exhibits, performances, and prolific production of art and music. While the audience experiences the lows of David’s journey, they will also see his unwavering dedication to achieve his goal of becoming a recognized rapper and visual artist.



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