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Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, San Antonio Express - News (3/2/08)

“The psychotic break was the low point in a story without many peaks, of a normal life shattered by mental illness and then drug abuse.  But David’s story is more than that…he is an accomplished, largely self-taught artist whose work offers a unique glimpse into the inner life of someone with schizophrenia.  Shaded with depth and meaning, his work provides a portal into the human condition.”

Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, San Antonio Express - News (3/2/08)Reporter

Welcome to A Deeper Side, a different kind of documentary. This film features artist/rapper David Francis Drymala and his family telling a personal story about David’s tumultuous life and his struggles with mental illness, drug addiction, and prison.

David’s experiences with schizophrenia are revealed through his amazing art, music, and poetry. Despite his illness, David continues his relentless pursuit to become a recognized rapper.

We are asking for your help to bring David’s story to the public.

Please join us in sharing David’s story and promoting mental health awareness.

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Official Music Video “Prodigy”

David Francis Drymala


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